Appropriate Interview Outfit

Decide what to wear for an interview

Like most people, the interviewer is very susceptible to the first impression, and one of the first things an interviewer sees is the way you’re dressing. Because you want to make sure that your first impression is a good one, here are some things to save minding when choosing an outfit for an interview.

A good set of interview costumes should be relatively formal, so don’t wear jeans, T-shirts, or shoes unless you’ve specifically been asked to wear them. A business suit is usually a safe bet for either a man or a woman. If you don’t have a business suit, a long-sleeved, pure colored shirt (down button for men) or a sweater and a pair of dark cotton or wool pants will usually work.

When you choose your clothes, make sure they fit well, be looked not worn, and feel comfortable to sit down. Both men and women should avoid dressing too tight because the provocative clothing is not considered to be a professional costume. Women should avoid low necklines and short skirts with similar reasons.

Keep the accessory to a minimum. Wearing too much jewelry, makeup, perfume, or perfume is considered unprofessional, and it won’t make a good impression of an interviewer. You may even want to avoid the perfume altogether because you have no way of knowing which of those you will encounter are allergic to it.

Wear dark or neutral colors, even if this is not the color you usually wear. This applies not only to the clothes you wear but also to accessories and footwear. Women should also wear color neutral socks, and men should wear neutral or dark relationships.

Make sure you are being thoughtfully prepared when you are going to an interview. Check that your hair and nails are neat and clean and that your clothes are unwrinkled or bulldozers before leaving the house. This shows the interviewer that you’ve taken the time to prepare for the interview and are taking it seriously.

Keep in mind that not every head on this list will be applied in all situations. For an audition interview, for example, you may be expected to eat less formal, depending on what you will be asked to do. If you are not sure what to wear, you can call the Human Resources Department of the company and ask what is appropriate. You can also ask friends or colleagues who may have been interviewed at the same workplace.

To learn more about the appropriate interview outfit, check out this infographic on how to dress for success.